Fascination pull tab

Ok, it’s not easy to get so much pull tabs:) You must drink a lot of Cola&Co or purchase the pull tabs via etsy. But when i see this clutch…
I found a lot projects what you can do with the pull tabs and here they are:

bugs, bugs, a lot of bugs in Paco Rabanne style. I want them all!!!

Amazing lamps!

Yes, You can do it yourself too πŸ™‚


Use this technique to create a beltπŸ™‚

And, when you go crazy:

prom dresses

halloween costumes

or..and this is hot: a sexy baby dress:D:D:D


Supplies needed:
Oven hardening clay (Fimo or Sculpey)
A utility blade
An existing cuff that fits perfectly
metallic spray paint & spray sealant
an assortment of small stones
super glue

1.Roll out your clay and shape it around an existing cuff to ensure the perfect shape. When you are happy with the size and shape use your utility blade to hollow out a deep section for the crystals.
2.Bake the cuff at 275 farenheit for 15 minutes. Let it cool.

3. Organize the crystals as you like them. I found the more random the better!
4. Spray paint the cuff with approx two coats, finish with a sealant spray.

5. Use small dots of super glue and begin to attach your crystals. Hold each for 60 seconds before you attach the next, this ensures a firm hold.

This wonderful idea is from here

Plastic beauty:)

We all use plastic bottles.

It is comfortable. You don’t have to wash it, and if you want to get rid of it you just throw it in a bin (in best scenario – recycle as another option, but unfortunately not everywhere in world you able to do so). But not everyone from us know, that every single bottle we throw out taking on average 500 years to decompose naturally and do very significant harm to our beloved planet. We found some great ideas about how to transfer recycling of the plastic bottles into object of Art, decoration or even accessories. Our gallery will be presented by very renowned designers, such as: Prada, Tory Burch and Marni. 
Especially we want you to pay attention on very talented artist, Gulnur Ozdaglars, who makes beautiful buttons, decoration and other objects of Arts from simple items, such as plastic bottles.

Plastic is very soft material and it is easy to deform under the low heat, which can be produced by a simple candle.