new patchworks

It’s a fall time. I work already on the new winter collection – and I’m totally in love with this mix – wool- and cashmir jersey and jeans! All sweaters will be oversized and 100% upcycled! These two sweatshirts are already reserved:) I look forward to show you new pieces. xoxo Julija Continue reading

Fascination pull tab

Ok, it’s not easy to get so much pull tabs:) You must drink a lot of Cola&Co or purchase the pull tabs via etsy. But when i see this clutch…
I found a lot projects what you can do with the pull tabs and here they are:

bugs, bugs, a lot of bugs in Paco Rabanne style. I want them all!!!

Amazing lamps!

Yes, You can do it yourself too 🙂


Use this technique to create a belt🙂

And, when you go crazy:

prom dresses

halloween costumes

or..and this is hot: a sexy baby dress:D:D:D

Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb is a startup based in San Francisco that manufactures reclaimed wood products. Founded by brothers Chris and David Steinrueck, Wood Thumb uses the power of community in the workplace to develop products that stand out and make a statement. 
Their commitment to upcycling, craftsmanship and looking really fly make their an innovative company with a wacky touch. via